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Construction Management

One Oak

Construction Management

Construction Management or Construction Project Management is the overall planning, coordinating and controlling of a project from start to finish in conjunction with the client. Construction management is a type of contract between the client and contractor, whereby the contractor plays the role of a project manager, representing both the client and the sub-contractors involved. Similar to project management, construction management requires the use of industry knowledge, skills and techniques to ensure that a project is completed successfully. Construction management consists of time and quality management, cost allocation, procurement capabilities, risk management, contract administration and communication proficiency.


Construction Management


In this type of arrangement, One Oak Construction will oversee the entire project on behalf of the client, provide site and labour supervision and maintain an open-cost system with throughout the job. This indicates that our client is always aware of the costing allocated to all aspects of the job (such as engineering, electrical, or plumbing). Furthermore, the client will pay the sub-trades directly, and have a direct contract with each party, while One Oak will take a construction management fee. This is different from most general contracting arrangements where the contractor is paid by the client, and is responsible for covering the costs of their sub-trades. The benefit of construction management to the client is that they have full control over which sub-contractors they want to work with, and they have a clear understanding of the costs associated. Because construction management requires the client to have separate arrangement with all of the parties involved, it is typically better suited for larger-scale projects.

For these types of projects, such as building additions, new builds and major renovations, the client has the benefit of maintaining control over their hired trades while leveraging external expertise from the construction management firm. At One Oak Construction, our construction management services will take our clients from the pre-construction stage, to obtaining materials/permits/labour, throughout the completion of the construction work, and finally to the warranty stage following the project.

One Oak maximises the resource efficiency through the procurement of labour and materials while implementing the proper coordination and control of planning, design, estimating, contracting and construction. One Oak provides construction management services in the commercial, institutional, retail and residential sectors of Toronto, the GTA and Southern Ontario.