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A Unique Blend

From restaurants, daycares, offices to nail salons, franchise construction must honour franchisor requirements while collaborating with the unique needs of the franchisee and addressing the individual restrictions of their particular location space. A balance of all of these main three ingredients determines the success and ease of a renovation project.

Creative Construction

We have worked with various clients in the franchise industry. Renovating and refurbishing established store has a different set of challenges than building a new location from ground up. We take pride in creating solutions with transparency and innovation.

Construction should be on budget and done with quality are standards for any project. Yet, building and renovating a franchise location has a unique set of challenges on its own. In our experience, some of the key success factors are:

Franchisor Requirements

Franchisors need to have input on the overall design of a location, including colours, pay stations and layout. These are part of the overall franchise brand.

Timely Turnaround

Franchises often require a large initial investment from their franchisees. This means that business owners wish to have their locations up and running to start generating revenue sooner.

Landlord Requirements

Technical requirements keeping in line with HVAC, electrical and plumbing should be addressed with the landlord before and throughout construction for a seamless transition.

We believe that staring with a strong contractor is paramount to building a thriving franchise.

About Us

We have been in the industry since 2013, and have worked with clients including Domino’s Pizza and Red Lobster.


We are fully licenced, insured, WSIB-approved, and bonded. We serve the GTA and most of Southern Ontario.


Providing the essential GC work to creatively construct solutions to build the ideal Franchise.

Serving Established to Up and coming Franchises

We have worked with various Frachisor’s and Franchisee’s in renovating and refurbishing established workplaces, and building out new spaces. We take pride in creating solutions with transparency and innovation.

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