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Green Building Technology

One Oak

Green Building Technology

Green Building Technology designs and implements various systems to buildings and homes in order to reduce negative environmental impact. These technologies effectively utilize resources in order to create energy-efficient, cost-reducing solutions that require low-maintenance into the future. Green building solutions can be implemented to new and existing buildings through services such as lighting and HVAC automation, addition of solar panels, changes to the exterior glass and blinds, and many more. They are not only beneficial for reducing the environmental impact, but also employ building controls to maximize energy efficiency and savings for optimized comfort and convenience.

Green Building Technology

For the past decade, a new emphasis has been placed on re-designing and enforcing various systems to buildings and homes in order to reduce negative environmental impact. Designing and implementing a sustainable energy system, such as installing solar panels on the roof of a building or house, can be an investment as well as an environmental benefit. In the province of Ontario, residents who install solar panels are eligible for the Ontario Solar incentive program, which can provide a return of 10% or more on investment. (CanSIA, 2011)

While there are many benefits to using green building technologies in residential and commercial buildings, here are some of the main ones:

  • Green building solutions decrease operating costs going into the future, as the total amount of energy used throughout the home or building decreases dramatically.
  • Implementing green building solutions is environmentally-sound and sustainable, meaning that systems are meant to last well into the future with low maintenance.
  • Some green building solutions can be an investment, as there are many government grants, rebates and programs available to clients who switch-over.

At One Oak, our team will consult, develop and implement custom green building solutions in residential, commercial, institutional, and retail sectors of Toronto, the GTA and Southern Ontario. We bring with us an extensive network of various trade and labour contacts, experienced project managers and the necessary know-how to complete quality and durable projects with minimal inconvenience to our clients. We take pride in the work that we do, and seek to build meaningful relationships with our clients, which are enhanced by trust, transparency and collaboration.