Innovating Flooring feat. Jack Aspenson

Build Our Future Podcast
Episode 38
Guest – Jack Aspenson


Our guest this week on the Build Our Future Podcast (Episode 38) is Jack Aspenson – CEO and President of S3 Surface Solutions.
Since launching 3 successful businesses and selling them all before turning the age of 28, Jack Aspenson launched S3 Surface Solutions, as an answer to the question: Can subflooring like this be done in a cleaner, healthier way?
S3 Surface Solutions provide services to a range of industries including – Medical & Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Manufacturing, Educational, Industrial, Commercial and Professional environments.

What you will learn:

  • How did Jack start S3 Surface Solutions?
  • What do S3 Surface Solutions do?
  • How can chemicals used in flooring be safe for the environment?
  • What are the safest methods for subflooring?
  • What kind of ingredients do S3 Surface Solutions use?
  • How is the balance found between sustainability and cost?
  • How can surface sealing help with health conditions like asthma?
  • What are the different factors that come into play when deciding how to seal a floor for a client?

They said what?

  • “With S3 – we fix problems. We don’t just put a band-aid on them, we don’t just make that product ‘good enough.” – Jack Aspenson
  • “There’s some misinformation around them that just because it’s on the red list is bad for you. And so we started working in looking for other raw ingredients that would actually be healthier, because of the perception.” – Jack Aspenson
  • “We started looking around at who had good products, what products we would need to make to address this situation. So it is kind of how it started out. That was our mantra, and it grew into – that is all we focused on – is creating healthy, durable, long-term products.” – Jack Aspenson
  • “Fifty people in the kitchen versus five. That’s a big difference in the traffic pattern, who’s gonna do more damage than the floor in that shorter period of time? You know, I think the average Cheesecake Factory cookline is fifty feet long versus, you know, most cooklines are 12 feet.” – Jack Aspenson
  • ”I got to thinking about, you know, what is my home like? You know, one of my daughters has sinus infections all the time. How do I start addressing what could be in the house? Because a lot of time the air outside of your house is cleaner than it is inside?” – Jack Aspenson
  • “We were sitting around at dinner one night, and they said, we know we can make things better, but will people buy it? And I said, “well, as long as you’re not four times the cost, there’s always an opportunity”. And so, six years ago, I started S3 with the purpose of finding the quality.” – Jack Aspenson
  • ”So we are 95% less CO2 in the manufacturing which concrete equates to I think it’s 20% or 30% of the Co2 generated in the world, that we generate 95% less. This is what we’re developing towards.” – Jack Aspenson
  • “You have a scientist that sees a need. I’m gonna try to make it. I’m gonna try to fix that problem. S3 was created to find those guys. Everything we did was because I knew people that we’re creating something and we brought it together to make this system.” – Jack Aspenson

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