Maintain Your Success Through Collaboration

So, we are now finally getting to the tail end of these lockdowns and while we might be a few days away or almost a week away especially in the construction sector, there seems to be a mad rush and push to either get projects off the ground, continue and finish off and I feel in the short term there’s going to be a fair bit of intense stressful periods for not just contractors but suppliers, subcontractors, consultants, designers, architects and clients as well. Because they want to get open before the summer starts but the biggest thing what I’m realizing is, we have to keep in mind what has made us successful through these shutdowns. It’s the collaboration with our clients, with our consultants, with the whole construction team, to let them know as the goal posts kept being moved, how do we tweak our schedule? How do we ensure we can still push with our work?

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In addition to that a key thing as well to keep in mind is our own mental health, if these shutdowns have taught me one thing is taking that step back taking that step away from your day-to-day life is so helpful for yourself. I feel I come back recharged, re-energized and it’s contagious to the whole team. I know from my speaking personally this last one has been especially difficult. Some of that energy seemed to have waned a little bit but we’re talking as I mentioned with the architects and the clients, you know kind of bring everyone back up for that unified goal.

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So as we get into this while we might be in a mad dash to, you know as they say recoup from lost time to push these jobs to completion, just keep in mind that’s what’s gotten you through is that communication, that collaboration, that stepping away from work and calming your mind before jumping in figuring situations out. It’s something that I’m going to keep trying doing as I get busier and busier with work as the summer comes into the fall