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One Oak


Building a new home in Toronto, the GTA and Southern Ontario requires vision, professional skill and collaboration between the contractors and their clients. Whether you are buying land and wish to build a house or cottage, or would like to tear down an existing house for a new one, building a custom home presents many opportunities.

When you decide build a new custom home with One Oak Construction you can be certain of the quality of construction and materials, because you will be able to choose exactly what you want. This way, you can be absolutely confident in exactly what you are buying. By contrast, when you purchase an existing home, you have to always consider age, wear and tear and any unseen problems that may present themselves during the change of a season, or during a renovation. Building a newer home creates few surprises and unexpected costs down the line.

In addition, when you purchase an existing home, it may not have been designed for what you need now and what you may require as your family grows or changes. Whether you need flexible space for a growing family or more room for entertaining, we will design a house that meets your needs today and moving forward into the future.
One of the most important ways we are able to provide quality custom home services is through maintaining a strong communication base with our clients. From the very first consultation, we will listen to your specifications for the house and have a comprehensive understanding of what you are looking for. Afterwards, we will do our due diligence on the project—including land surveying, obtaining architectural drawings, and acquiring building permits. Throughout the process, you will be well informed and included in the major decision making. We strive to keep a fully open-book and transparent relationship with our clients, so that you are aware of our costs, procedures and time lines.

One Oak Construction will build your dream home exactly in the area that you want to call home. We can build your dream home in any township or district, by a lake or in the best school district in town. Your family, your personal style and your budget are all a part of the design process. A true custom home with One Oak Construction is unlike any other because no one builds a custom home the way we do. When you are ready to explore the possibilities of a new-build custom home, we are always happy to reach out and answer your questions.