Operations Tracking Technology feat. Leeroy Beeby (Level)

Build Our Future Podcast
Episode 43
Guest – Leeroy Beeby (Level)


Leeroy’s mission with Level is to assist small and medium-sized contractors with the tech tools that their businesses need to grow. Since his last appearance on the Build Our Future Podcast, he has expanded the services of the company and now offers bookkeeping solutions to their clients, which you will hear all about in this week’s episode.

Check out episode #43 as we discuss topics such as:

  • How Level has expanded to bookkeeping, and why they only do bookkeeping for contractors.
  • Why tracking the numbers is so important for tackling cash flow problems.
  • Leeroy explains the benefits of using Level, and the processes they take in order to help contractors with their expenses.

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Leeroy’s LinkedIn:

  • Our biggest challenge as a software company is, you know, where do we spend our time? And what features do we focus on? We’re always striving to create the features that bring the most value.” Leeroy Beeby
  • If you need your business set up from an accounting perspective, if you want to know your numbers, you want to set your budget. Basically, we’ll take that whole finance component out of your day-to-day so you can focus on growing your business or focus on sales or whatever the case may be.”  – Leeroy Beeby
  • ”We’ll sit down with you look at your p&l, look at your balance sheet, look at your budgets, and tell you what the numbers are saying. So you don’t have to worry about it.Leeroy Beeby

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