Payments Made Easy feat. Matthew Smith

Build Our Future Podcast
Episode 37
Guest – Matthew Smith


Our guest this week on the Build Our Future Podcast (Ep. 37) is Matthew Smith – CEO and Co-Founder of MazumaGo. MazumaGo which launched in 2018, is a digital payment service for online business transactions, with the goal of being a more efficient, speedier alternative to cheque-based payments.
In the episode, Rahul and Matthew chat about how a new online business transaction service like MazumaGo is necessary today, especially for businesses within the construction industry.
If you are interested in MazumaGo and want to try it out for your business, make sure to check out, and use code: Rahul or buildourfuturepodcast to get your first few transactions for free.

What you will learn:

  • Why a service like MazumaGo is particularly necessary in the construction industry.
  • The ways in which fast online payments can help businesses increase their productivity, especially during a pandemic.
  • How banks may become obsolete in the not-too-distant future because of online services.
  • Why Matthew is inspired by Apple’s concept of the App Store.
  • How to easily sign-up for MazumaGo, or to try out their free demo.
  • How the COVID-19 pandemic affects large scale business transactions.
  • What Matthew plans to do with MazumaGo in the future.

They said what?

  • “They were able to get paid a week faster, plus some processing time on our end and basically solve the problem. That was the moment where I was like, “Okay, we’ve got something here”.” – Matthew Smith
  • “What we have found during COVID, is that businesses are actually really willing to try out new technology, and they want to get ahead.” -Matthew Smith
  • “Our job from our end is to make it as easy as possible for the customer to get you the money. And by adding as many options for the customer to check out on this page, we ensure that you can get it paid as fast as possible without any hiccups.” – Matthew Smith
  • “It’s still going to be quite an exciting 2021. And I’m sure you’re gonna see the MazumaGo, in many headlines in many years to come.” – Matthew Smith
  • “So we just took an archaic, very safe and secure payment method and turned it into an easy-to-use system, so that anyone could access it, or any business could access it.” – Matthew Smith
  • “We spent a lot of time not publicly launched, testing this with local businesses. I think, like, over a year, almost, we were really a closed ecosystem. And we didn’t let that many people in. And really, during that time we were optimizing and making the product better.” – Matthew Smith
  • “So I only make money when you make money. MazumaGo only charges you when you collect or send, and so, credit card payments are actually free for you. So we don’t charge you anything for credit card payments. So you can use credit card payments on the MazumaGo completely free, $0. Your customer is paying the fee.” – Matthew Smith

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