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One Oak


Any construction jobs, from minor renovations to complete new-builds, are considered to be projects. They contain a scope of work, which includes cost, timelines, limitations and objectives. There is a lot of planning, researching and analysing that has to happen before any work starts on the site.


Pre-construction is the first and most essential aspect of any prospective construction project. Whether the project is a renovation, a new-build or an addition, this phase consists of estimating project costs, setting a schedule and foreseeing any possible complications. Our clients gains a clear understanding of overall costing for the projected site, and are able to determine whether the construction cost meets their internal budgets.

Clients generally seek our pre-construction services for two main reasons: they would like to go ahead with a project but require an accurate cost forecast, or they are thinking of a project and would like to understand what the process is for completing the job. At the end of our pre-construction services, One Oak Construction will provide our client with an extensive report which will outline the cost breakdown, the labour and materials required, the timeline for each stage of the project, and any foreseeable limitations.

Our pre-construction services include meeting with the client, evaluating the job site and formulating a budget price and schedule based on client requirements. If the estimated price doesn’t fit the client budget, we will collaborate to value engineer the products and services offered. Therefore, the project will still have a similar look and feel to the original intentions, at a different cost.

One Oak provides the necessary consulting services needed for the budgeting stage by obtaining and analyzing costs from Architects / Interior Designers / Engineering, to estimating the actual construction costs, timelines, permit requirements and other deliverables. One Oak Construction provides pre-construction services in the residential, commercial, industrial and retail sectors of the GTA and Southern Ontario.