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Our Flavour of Construction

From efficient back-of-house layouts to inviting front-of-house spaces, we build restaurants by paying homage to their unique brand flavour.

Restaurant Construction

Being on time and within budget are constraints for most construction projects. But building and renovating restaurants has a unique set of challenges on its own. In our experience, some of the key success factors are:

B.O.H Efficiency

From well-designed layouts to quality construction end products, the back of house area is essential to the operation and success of a restaurant space.

Welcoming F.O.H

From inviting hostess stands to airy seating areas, the front-of-house makes a physical statement of the restaurant’s vibe.

Brand Personality

In the competitive restaurant industry, making first impressions is crucial to patron experience. Before they taste any food, they get to know your brand through the interior finishes.

We believe that staring with a strong contractor is paramount to building a thriving restaurant space.

About Us

We have been in the industry since 2013, and have worked with clients including Domino’s Pizza and Red Lobster.


We are fully licenced, insured, WSIB-approved, and bonded. We serve the GTA and most of Southern Ontario.


From providing essential construction work to a more comprehensive design-build services, we offer the creative construction solutions to build the ideal restaurant.

Serving Established Brands to New Ventures

We have worked with various clients in the retail industry. Renovating and refurbishing established stores has a different set of challenges than building a new location from ground up. We take pride in creating solutions with transparency and innovation. 

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