One Oak Construction provides you with One Of A Kind Construction services that bring your vision to life. We focus on collaborating and enhancing our customer experience while being trusted for our approach, experience and adherence.



Build to Remodel, Expand and Deliver

Our suite of consolidated construction services ensures
expertise in infrastructure, design, development, investment, and management to deliver a project from conception to completion

Our Speciality:

  • Ground up, interior fit-up, exterior fit-up for all types of commercial and residential properties.
  • Overseeing the bid process and negotiating the contracts using Procore, an online construction management software.
  • Providing field management solutions using technology, process improvement and collaboration.
  • Effectively managing field procurement that adds value, minimizes waste and promotes safe outcomes.

Construction Management


Your Vision, Our Mission

Right from branding to building design to construction, we eliminate any confusion by creating one singe point of responsibility resulting in reduced cost, fewer change orders, less delays and added cost efficiencies

Our Speciality:

  • Client focussed designbuild services for restaurants, franchises and other ICI constructions.
  • Highly experienced team of architects, designers, and engineers that provide seamless services that are not only cost effective but also bring your project to life
  • Creating drawings, specifications, and a firm quote that aligns well with your vision and budget.

Design and

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Together We Build

With our broad range of multi-faceted services – executed via a proven, highly disciplined process, we help bridge the communication gap that can sometimes exist between architects and contractors, resulting in accurate take-offs and costing.

Our Speciality:

  • Expert guidance and constructive management of the subcontractors ensuring successful completion of your project.
  • Established network of material and service providers that delivers consistent quality well within the timeline.
  • Overseeing the schedule, licenses, and safety protocols to provide high-quality service and integrity, without sacrificing value and safety


Design Build

Let One Oak be your concierge, from branding and design to budgeting and construction, for the most seamless process possible. Other methods of budgeting and managing a project may show a lower initial budget, but will lead to surprise costs and lost time during construction.

Design-Build is the best way to maximize value and prevent budget excesses, starting at the design phase, where unbuildable or costly designs can be avoided with our on-site experience and technology that accurately analyzes the space.

Design and

General Contracting_1

As part of an integrated project delivery team or as the contractor building a design you’ve already prepared, One Oak is prepared to execute your plan. We can work with your designer, engineers, and consultants to accurately evaluate and do take-offs of your drawings to estimate the project cost.

We are experienced in all sectors of commercial construction, including restaurants (fine, casual, and quick service), office spaces, and retail. We also have residential construction experience.


Pre-Construction Services_1

One Oak can coordinate with you client and designer to ensure:

System Integration
Time and Cost Budget Management


Project Management_1

If you need a project manager throughout the process, from design to commissioning, One Oak can work on a fee basis to supervise your entire project team, including the designer, engineers, general contractor, and other consultants.

In this role, we can analyze sites, manage the budget and timelines, and staff the project.


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Working under the supervision of your project manager, One Oak can manage all aspects of construction.

In this role, we would manage the subcontractors, obtain costing, order materials, and plan work schedules, but would not have responsibility for warranties as in the case of general contracting or design-build.

Construction Management


We use Procore to keep you in the loop about the progress of your project. This easy to use, all-in-one construction software surely makes the construction process extremely smooth and hassle free