Thoughts That Build – Building with Craftsmanship

So, last week I spoke about clarity, and really clarity is the first step of the foundation of my business and I guess, you could say my life by extension, It’s what I call my three c’s. Today, I’m going to jump to the third c, there’s a reason for that the third c, is craftsmanship.

Now, everyone knows what craftsmanship is but everyone have a slightly different definition and how it pertains to them. I’ll give you a perfect example, for me, during this pandemic lockdown, we’ve all had to make some sacrifices, I’m sure you’ve seen quite a few videos of mine over the last couple of weeks where my hair got a little extra disheveled over time. Well, over the weekend, god bless my wife, she buzzed my hair it needed to be done just getting to that point now, she literally care but she’s not necessarily honed that craft because that’s not what she does. I miss my barber she takes so much care she knows how I like it. It always looks great she works on her craft throughout the years and that’s what we try to bring that passion into our workplace. You know that feeling, that making sure we don’t cut corners the attention to details there in the mind new details that maybe other people might not notice but once you see it you know it’s there, so we try to even those out as much as possible, not just with our team but my subcontractors as well.

Having that care, that passion to last to have that lasting effect on a project is phenomenal. When you walk through and you can tell that it’s done with quality, it’s done with care that every aspect has been put together to make sure the desired output meets that design because the design has been crafted to a certain point and we have to take that 2d drawing and make it 3d as best we can. So that’s my third c bringing that craftsmanship in what we do. I try to do that with golf. It doesn’t work out so well I love it practice it but that quality isn’t there for whatever reason. I’m sure many of us can attest to that but I still try to bring that attention to detail, that passion and everything that we do to every single job site. So, long after we’re gone people still see it was done with care and quality.