Thoughts That Build – Clarity of Design, Clarity of Intent

So, today I wanted to talk about clarity, what does that mean? How does that impact your business? How does that impact your life? Clarity is something that’s always been very important to me and just being clear in expectations, clear in process, clear in scheduling and I want to talk about how this relates to the construction industry and life as in general. It’s one of the three c’s of my business.

Now, clarity, let’s talk about that in a construction sense. Being clear right from the get-go with your tendering process, your pricing process, what’s included, what’s not included, what are alternate products, is really beneficial because down the line through the process you don’t want to have those difficult conversations. You don’t want to have oh well this was ambiguous, so, I did not include it or you know this is cheaper, so, I decided to go with that and it kind of meets the design appeal. There’s a process in which it’s involved with that including with that is the clarity of scheduling and how the whole process comes together.

We as contractors have to be clear with our clients, how everything comes together when things happen and this is why a schedule is so long. Everyone have different interpretations of how long things should take. They want stuff done by a certain time. It isn’t necessarily true now with life for me personally, I’ve always been a research person so for me having that clarity of knowing what’s going on, knowing you know what a plan is six months down the line for life. Be it you, know a child, my child’s extracurricular activities or finances or schedule of the house shall. We say to me that builds confidence in myself on a day-to-day basis and I realized that long ago that I wanted to bring that into my business as well.

So, having that clarity of the process and sharing that clarity with your clients with your consultants, with your subcontractors can only lead to a much better project site, right? Because now you’re not going to have arguments with subcontractors as well consultants as well. Just clearing up those loose ends, there’s no drawing out there that’s going to be 100% accurate. We’re all humans doing work so the more you’re clear up front and through the process, the better the entire project is going to be and that’s one of the c’s that I try to follow with every tender, every project that I undertake.

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