Thoughts That Build – Construction Lockdowns & Covid Fatigue

Well, that there was that news yesterday as most of us in Ontario, now know we’re in a second state of emergency and uh with all these additional restrictions I’m sure it feels like a bit of a gut punch. I know it does for me, we were just getting back into work mode, we were just starting to get back on. You know planning for the future and you know starting up some of the projects that were on hold last year, finishing up some jobs at the end of last year, so there was a sense of excitement, there was a sense of hope, not just with me but with my clients, the architects I work with, suppliers, subcontractors, all of us. So, this news has hit pretty hard and it’s still pretty raw. I don’t envy the decision makers, I’m not faulting anybody for any decisions made, it’s a challenging time that we’re in.

Now I feel like there are no perfect answers, there are no good answers and no right answers for that matter but you know I think my post last week is really going to test me during this next little while to make sure that I still stay present, that I don’t get frustrated with the little things. Now that everyone’s going to be back in the same area 24 x 7. I’m laughing in that in the kindness of ways. I swear but you know one thing I will say is you know for us in the construction industry and even you know every other industry you know, keep in touch with your clients, your trades, your consultants, architects, suppliers.

See how they’re doing, we’re all going through things and differently. It’s impacting us differently, based on the level of financial investment, emotional investment but you know I would say keep in touch with them. Not just for that but keep in touch with your friends and family as well. The second one there seems to be a bit of fatigue as well you know. Make sure that they’re not just healthy and safe but they’re also mentally and emotionally healthy. I know this has been a trying time for a lot of people including myself with these. The better part of a year shall we say it’s funny? I was all prepped to do something about something completely different, you know. Thoughts about certain styles of construction and issues that might pop up but you know this right here is pretty raw for me because it’s just heard the news and just speaking my mind on what’s going to happen.

Now, I’m still going to forge ahead and plan when that plan starts. We’ll see but  you know just get back to the drawing board again, enjoy some time and be ready when these restrictions left, so I can start running again and do the thing that comes naturally to me and do the thing that I’m good at.

Stay safe everyone!