Thoughts That Build – Covid Discount

Can I get a covid discount? I’m sure most of us are hearing this fairly often these days. No matter what industry we’re in but especially here in construction for the better part of a year. I would say actually now truth be told normally in a normal environment, when companies are slow. Sure, they might lower their price a little bit. They might do something like that to in order to get some work, but the rules surrounding this pandemic as far as construction Ontario concerned, have really added to the costs and I’m not just talking about from a health and safety perspective now, not talking about you know the toolbox talks, the additional toolbar talks and you know I’m also really talking about the material source shortages that are out there. How long it’s going to take to deliver materials, right? How many people can we really have in a space and still make it safe, that’s the second one, this has a direct impact in an overall construction schedule and us as contractors, we have to manage it. Over a longer period of time for less profit or so, the thought process goes, so what I’m trying to relay is that us as contractors we have to look at things from a macro perspective, right? So, even before we submit a price granted you know hard bid prices with timelines, we don’t really have that luxury but most independent projects you know they ask us when we can finish and we have to give them a timeline with a construction schedule.

We have to look at it from a macro perspective and see how all these pieces fit together. So, from us while we might be able to maintain, our same prices as Covid technically speaking that’s a discount so keep that in mind the next time you’re talking to a contractor supplier or anyone else in the industry. These things happen, we just have to adapt to it but the idea is to be clear in what’s going to happen down the line.