Thoughts That Build – To Include or Not Include

To include or not include, that is the question, especially for us contractors, when we’re submitting proposals. Might sound funny but when you’re a small business, an independent business owner and you’re trying to open up that second office, that first office, that retail space, that gym, that restaurant. How do you qualify proposals from contractors, how do you ensure that everything on those drawings are covered and not just on the drawings? How do they figure out what’s included and what’s not? Do they look at the details, it’s much easier for much larger corporations that have dedicated project managers who can hire external project managers to qualify and met these prices coming in. They’re able to look at all the line items and with their experience say, you know what I think this is. I think he has missed something, this seems low I wonder what’s going on but when you’re an independent contractor how do you?

I had an experience once where I was told from a client actually that it was better for me to submit my proposal exactly as per the drawing, get that contract signed and then before you start ask questions, ask questions about site conditions, ask questions about ambiguities. In the drawings after the fact. Now I personally don’t like that I try to include as much detail to show as many assumptions as I can, it gives a more holistic and full complete picture of a proposal and it’s a lot more accurate than just pricing as per drawings. The question clients have to ask themselves is, are they looking for the lowest starting price that can balloon completely through a project or they’re looking for somebody that is actually looking through the drawings and trying to understand how everything gets put together? That’s the question you have to ask but in order to have that even playing field, the questions must be asked up front, the information needs to be passed to everybody as to exactly what they’re pricing.