Thoughts That Build – What does Collaboration really mean?

Today, I’m going to talk about collaboration and boy. Did I need say that today is Tuesday after the long weekend massive snowstorm here in Ontario? My kids daycare got shut down, two-year-old firecracker who doesn’t stop, was at home all day but the open communication between my wife and me trying to figure out how we could make each other’s day successful.

For each of us, individually and for us together as a family unit really-really made today worth it. I’m not saying we didn’t have our struggles during the day but understanding what we needed was more than half the battle. Now today was a microcosm for what most of us have probably experienced in our lives with our friends, immediate family, extended family and work relationships of course. How do you plan ahead for the future? Is it buying that house, is it going on vacation, is it savings, is it financial planning, whatever it is, you have to have that openness. There are a few people involved, couple of people involved, sometimes and having that shared vision and that understanding is key to a successful relationship. When you add that piece of collaboration to the clarity and craftsmanship that I spoke about over the last few weeks, I believe that forms the fundamentals to any successful project understanding what a client’s needs are, Interior designers needs are, architects engineers, trades suppliers. How do they all fit in together, clients might want price schedule, quality, the golden triangle as they say it’s next to impossible but understanding really what do they need do. They want that service, do they want that quality or is it just price what the designers needs are, the architects needs are, how do we bring their vision to life as well their understanding of the client’s position. How do they understand what you need to be successful men as a contractor, do I need payments on time? Do I need prompt responses to clarifications and requests for information, how do we does all of that fit in together that collaborative environment right from the start through a project will determine if your project is successful because, remember everyone’s perception of a successful project is different and without that collaboration of all sides you never really know if a client’s happy. We might think that a client is happy because the product looks perfect but prices could have skyrocketed, you might not have responded to questions quickly, he might not have coordinated properly and so on and so forth.

We can go down the list so for me and the foundations for any successful project of those three c’s, we can take it out of construction into any other part of life. There are so many entities that have to come together in any industry contractors, team workers. Clients vendors you name it but to be successful having that collaboration between all parties is a vital in understanding how you can be successful.