What Clarity?! Frustrations everywhere right now

You know I really didn’t want to have to talk about this yet again but in light of the restrictions that came in last week on Friday, we seem to be repeating a lot of the same mistakes as we have in the past. And normally I’m pretty balanced in what I’m talking about but you know after a year of lockdown, after lockdown, after restrictions, after lifting up, you would think that there would be some semblance of clear direction that we receive as to how we go about doing things. Especially and more importantly on a business level. I don’t want to get into some of the other restrictions that they imposed that have since been pulled back but as it pertains to construction it is so frustrating right now. Just trying to get answers as to whether we can or cannot work. We and by we I’m talking about the company that I work with mono construction.

We primarily build restaurants and while the previous lockdowns I got approvals from the ministry of labor from construction associations and the like that we could work since quote-unquote we fall under the production and distribution of food and restaurants are essential, so, therefore, we are essential because we’re supporting them but last time around two we had inspectors that made a decision that we were not essential. Fair, I understand it didn’t like it this time, around the exact same lingo has been put out the exact same verbiage but they’ve added a twist, if you work in hotels, if you work in shopping malls, you can’t work. That’s it, that’s all they say. I’ve got work at shopping malls building restaurants as its own entrance, what do you do? What do you do, my clients have no answers, landlords have no answers, consultants have no answers, heck ministry of labor doesn’t have answers. Apparently they’ve dispatched hundreds of inspectors to make sure we’re working safe and we’re not. We’re not circumventing the rules but if the inspectors themselves don’t know if we can work or not what are we supposed to do? Do I tell the client, we keep working but they got to sign a waiver that they pay all the bills, they pay all the fines? How does that impact them?

You know one of my biggest frustrations with what’s been going on here is that well everyone talk about leadership involving rather leadership involves making the tough decisions and I agree with that but making those tough decisions you also have to provide clarity. You also have to provide direction, clear direction as to what people can and cannot do. Be your team members, be it us in society as businesses, as individuals, what can and we cannot do? Without that direction, leadership means nothing, the hypocrisy of the situation is absolutely ludicrous, doesn’t affect me but I know of other contractors that build office spaces. What do they do? They got to shut down but yet if you have a government contract you can work how does that make sense? I work predominantly with businesses they have a bottom line, they have projections, they’ve got profit and losses they’ve got lease costs, they’ve got financing costs, they’ve got everything, they’ve got more than likely their livelihood on the line. They got to stop their work, they got to stop expanding but a government entity that doesn’t have such ramifications to their livelihood, they can keep, they can have their office built, not providing clarity breeds discontent. I hate to say it but the more you try to appease everybody and give 10 to everybody almost everyone’s upset almost everyone’s frustrated. How do we go about planning our lives?

I know it’s easy to say either lock it all down or open it all back up at least we know at least we know you would think after a year clear direction for businesses on how to operate would have been put forward. You would think that these questions and these concerns from a lot of contractors that want to follow the rules, that want to be safe, when we build, can actually do that. How are we supposed to provide confidence to our clients, clarity to our clients, when we can’t even get answers from the people enforcing the rules my hope and it’s a hail mary pass, whatever you want to call it in the next few days. We get some clarity as to what we actually can and cannot do but given the track history I don’t think that’s going to happen. My hope is we get clarity long before may 20th but you know as they say, as a business owner, as an entrepreneur, plan for the worst, hope for the best and that’s all we can do. Make sure we’ve got four or five different plans in order and we hope that the best is actually implemented.