What is Essential… Really?!

Well, there are so many different people that are still working construction which is phenomenal because as a business owner I can only imagine having to put stuff on hold wondering you know whether we can and cannot work. Putting stuff on hold, our cash flow, our payroll to our team and so on and so forth. You know it’s really frustrating as to what actually constitutes as essential. You know from where I sit, it’s easy. It’s easy for me to complain, it might come across as sargeras but it’s not. I’m trying to build a restaurant, trying to build an office space for clients for their team to provide you know as they say in the political sphere to add to build the economy to infuse money in that ever popular cash into a certain economy and we’re supposed to stop our work but on the other hand what is actually deemed essential?

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Is if you or me want to upgrade our bathroom because we don’t like to look at it and we’ve not taken a vacation for a year we can do that job that’s essential that is deemed essential businesses have had to put their planning on hold. They have had to still continue to pay their interest rates on financing on projects and now it’s on hold and they can’t give clear answers to their lenders as to what’s going on. But new homes can be built, new high-rise condos can be built, it’s interesting what is deemed essential in today’s environment. Well, I’m not begrudging for the actual contractors that are doing some of this work, they’re following the rules and that’s all anyone else can ask for but when it comes to us as the commercial contractors trying to work, we have added scrutiny, we got to make sure all our liability documents are on site. Our form you know safety boards so on and so forth. More often than not we get more spot checks on our sites from ministry of labor making sure that we’re following rules, we’re following protocols. There are so many more hurdles for us to jump through not just to build but to maintain a safe work site for our clients, for our trades as they’re working on it and it’s so frustrating that after now almost 10 – 11 days, there’s still no clarity even worse that’s happening right now when we do have direction when we do have that certainty on certain projects. We have municipal inspectors and municipalities determining that what we are building is not essential so they are not coming to inspect they are deeming it as their own sort of entity saying no we are taken upon ourselves the guidance given by the provincial government is ambiguous and I’m quote-unquote.

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Glad you see the ambiguity but we as a collective decided that your type of project does not deem as essential but ministry of labor has the construction associations have they feel it’s valid? So now I can get to a certain point of work and stop completely. I wonder what’s going to become of a lot of the companies a lot of the people behind these companies that have tried to make it work over this last year. Now obviously going more than a year talk about the impact on small businesses to me where I said I’m a small business it feels like the cards are stacked against us as small businesses not just to succeed but just to maintain a status quo to be around. When all of this lifts into whatever new normal we’re in. I guess we’ve always known that you know our society is all about the haves and the almost haves. I won’t say have nots but it feels like the big guys keep getting bigger and they kept keep getting busier and busier and busier for the small guys well I would say what we’re just 80  – 85 percent of our industry and I’m talking about contractors subcontractors suppliers they’re struggling man. They’re struggling to collect they’re struggling to pay their suppliers their bills it’s no wonder all of our materials are going up and it’s just going to flow downhill so the question we have to ask ourselves what is essential? what is really essential?